How Hydrogen Peroxide Make Life Easier and Another Liquid Remedy

How Hydrogen Peroxide Make Life Easier and Another Liquid Remedy

How Hydrogen Peroxide Make Life Easier and Another Liquid Remedy

How Hydrogen Peroxide Make Life Easier and Another Liquid Remedy

This is an unusual article for me. I am a Life & Spiritual Coach, not a vet, but I do have a lot of experience with my 20+ year old cat. I am so excited about how hydrogen peroxide has made my life easier that I want to share my ideas with you.

Animals can be messy. Especially old ones. There are hairballs, vomit, and accidents. And of course, our pets love to step in things and track them all through the house. With two long hair cats, I have spent a fortune on oxy cleaners and other products that dissolve and clean the unwanted gifts they left me. The results were not so great. I have light colored carpet and tile in my home. Some of the products left stains or didn’t completely remove the colorful spots in the carpet. Some of them would even attract dirt to the area. The carpet cleaner assured me my carpet was clean, just stained. He could get the stains to disappear for a little while, but they always seemed to return. He just kept recommending new brands of the same type of cleaners.

I cut myself one day and got a couple drops of blood on the carpet

and another liquid remedy. When I checked online I learned that hydrogen peroxide would remove blood stains. I tested it on my light color carpet and there was no damage at all. And, it worked great. I felt inspired! How else could I use it? It cleans! It disinfects! It dissolves organic matter! And, it’s healthier to have in your home than bleach!

Here are some of the ways that I use it now and another liquid remedy:

1. Spot clean and disinfect carpet and upholstery. (Test it on an out of sight area first to make sure it does not discolor first. It probably works best on light colors.)

2. It even helped older recurring spots that the carpet cleaner could not resolve.

3. Clean the floor around the catbox.

4. Clean areas on the tile where pets have tracked in dirt or other gross stuff. Organic materials dissolve and can be easily wiped up.

5. My old cat sometimes steps in her own stuff in the catbox. It can get pretty embedded in her feet and fur. I simply pour a little peroxide over her feet, let it dissolve for a minute or two and then dip her feet in a pail of water to wash. It’s much easier on both of us than a bath or long struggle to get them clean. (Yes, this is possible to do with a cat.)

6. I also use it around the house for cleaning and disinfecting. I even clean my toothbrush with it once in a while.

While I am not an expert and can make no specific claims, I can tell you that my life is a lot easier since I discovered the wonders of hydrogen peroxide. I have also saved a lot of money by not buying special pet products. Give it a try. Maybe you will get excited about it too.

dog pet insurance review

Guide dog pet insurance reviews, Makes Sense For You And Your Pet

Guide dog pet insurance reviews, Makes Sense For You And Your Pet

Guide dog pet insurance reviews, Makes Sense For You And Your Pet

Guide dog pet insurance reviews, Makes Sense For You And Your Pet

Pet Insurance is not new, it has been around for some time. Not many guide dog pet insurance reviews think about it until something happens to their pet and they find themselves with a Vet’s bill that is quite large or their pet may need an operation and a stay in the animal hospital that they cannot afford.

I was fortunate to find a book called Pet Insurance Secrets Revealed and it helped me enormously with what to look for and what to ask when I was shopping for my pet’s health insurance.

Like any insurance policy you need to do some research.

*What type of cover is available?

*Will it cover a visit to the Vet for the regular check-ups?

*What about if there is surgery involved and a stay in the animal hospital for your pet?

*Will that be covered in total or will you have to pay a percentage?

Today there are more and more insurance companies taking up pet health care insurance so you do have a choice and it will be worth your while to look at them all carefully. It’s no good thinking guide dog pet insurance reviews are covered only to find there was some small print you hadn’t checked out.

I know I was not aware that different breeds of pets have traits that are hereditary until I read Pet Insurance Secrets

There are different pet insurance packages designed for best insurance for guide dogs

Some breeds of dogs have hereditary traits that may be excluded in a policy for you if you have that breed of dog. The age of your pet will have a bearing on the pet insurance policy too. Check out the exclusions very carefully as the conditions that may affect your pet will probably be the ones that could be excluded from the policies.

It is no good having a pet insurance policy that doesn’t cover your normal trips to the Vet, you want one that will provide you with the best possible and affordable coverage.

Remember, as with most insurance, there are deductibles. Pet insurance is no different. So it will apply to your pet’s health insurance too, the higher the deductibles the lower the premiums and vice versa, the loser the deductibles the higher the premiums. If you can afford the higher premiums, that may be a better option, not so much to pay out at the time of treatment.

You know, animals can have many of the same problems as humans, some humans cannot tolerate fat in their diet, this can apply to your pet also. If you are giving your pet a low quality pet food this may have a detrimental effect and cause your pet to be ill. So give your pet the best possible pet food you can afford.

You can help with your pet’s health insurance costs by taking a few steps to ensure your pet stays healthy. I found some great tips in the book about this. Just watching your pet’s diet can make a huge difference. We can spoil our pets without realizing it.

An overweight pet will have the same problems as an overweight human, so manage your pet’s weight too, make sure they get plenty of exercise and always have fresh clean water available at all times.

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